The Affordable Dacia Spring EV Receives V2L and a Fresh Design in Second Update 2024

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Hello friends, my name is Dinesh or I will tell you about EV car. Friends, EV cars are very popular these days or is there any saving in EV car? Yes, no, put petrol in it, no, there is no problem of gas or we can get better Kashi range too. caste yes And brother, if we talk about the look of this car, it looks quite good.

The Dacia Spring EV Receives V2L isn’t well-known in the United States, but in Europe, it’s famous for being one of the cheapest electric cars available. It’s small, doesn’t go very far on a charge, and isn’t very powerful, but with a price as low as $13,000 (12,000 Euro) after discounts, it’s hard to ignore for city driving. And now, it looks better than ever, with a new feature: a front trunk.

1. Affordable PricingDacia Spring EV is one of the cheapest electric cars, priced at $13,000 (12,000 Euro).
2. Basic SpecificationsEquipped with a 27-kilowatt-hour battery, offering a range of 140 miles.
3. Charging CapabilitiesAC charging up to 7.4 kW and optional DC fast charging up to 30 kW available.
4. Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) FeatureNew addition enables powering appliances using the car’s battery.
5. Design UpdatesRefreshed exterior with Y-shaped LED lights and interior with a customizable cluster.
6. YouClip AccessoriesInterior space for accessories like cable ties and smartphone holders.
7. Increased Trunk CapacityTrunk capacity increased by 8% to 10.8 cubic feet; addition of a 1.23 cubic feet frunk.
8. Model Variants and PricingThree versions available: Essential, Expression, and Extreme, with expected similar pricing to the previous model.

Let’s talk about the basic specs first, which haven’t changed from the previous model. It still has the same 27-kilowatt-hour battery (total capacity), giving it a range of around 140 miles (225 kilometers) according to WLTP standards. And it still offers two motor choices: 33 kW (44 hp) and 48 kW (64 hp).

Updates and Features of the Latest Dacia Spring Model

Charging the car is simple, with the option to charge using an AC source at speeds of up to 7.4 kW. Additionally, for those who choose it, DC fast charging is available, with speeds topping out at 30 kW. Dacia notes that the typical Spring EV Receives V2L driver covers an average of 23 miles per day, making these charging capabilities more than enough for short city trips.

In this latest update, which marks the second facelift (following last year’s introduction of design tweaks alongside a more powerful motor), significant changes have been made, including the addition of an interesting feature for such an affordable car: vehicle-to-load (V2L) capability. While the output isn’t particularly high, around 3.5 kW (220 volts at 16 amps), it still provides utility. V2L enables owners to power appliances and tools using an adapter, utilizing the car’s battery as a portable generator.

Regarding design, almost everything has been refreshed, both inside and out. The front end now showcases Dacia’s signature Y-shaped LED daytime running lights, while the rear features segmented tail lights and a full-width black strip bearing the Romanian carmaker’s name.

Gallery: Dacia Spring EV Receives V2L (2024)

The roof rails from the old model aren’t included anymore, as Dacia thinks they’re not needed for a city car. Most of the body panels seem to be new. However, the car still uses Renault’s CMF-A platform.

Inside, the updated Spring has a 7-inch customizable instrument cluster for all versions. The more expensive ones have a larger 10-inch touchscreen in the center console, while the base model has a smartphone holder instead.

The center console is redesigned, and there’s a new adjustable steering wheel. The door cards are updated, and the gear selector is now a switch with a B mode for energy recovery. But the manual handbrake is still there.

The updated Dacia Spring EV Receives V2L interior now has space for what the company calls YouClip accessories, like cable ties, smartphone holders, and bag supports that clip into spots on the dashboard.

In terms of size, the Spring stays mostly the same. Though the length went down slightly from 145.8 inches (3.73 meters) to 145.6 inches (3.70 meters), the trunk space increased by 8% to 10.8 cubic feet (308 liters). Additionally, there’s now a 1.23 cubic feet (35 liters) frunk, big enough for the Level 1 charging cable. CLICK HERE

In Europe, three versions of the Spring EV Receives V2L will be available later this year: Essential, with only the 33 kW motor; Expression, with a choice of motors; and Extreme, with the more powerful 48 kW drive unit.

The previous model started at around $24,900 (23,000 Euro), but the prices for the updated Spring haven’t been announced yet. However, they’re expected to be similar to the previous ones.

Friends, you must have got complete information in the article. If you have any more questions, you can ask in the comments. [Spring EV Receives V2L]

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